Warranty Terms & Conditions


On-Site Service and Fitting:

* All customers must understand clearly that our staff normally install automotive batteries free of charge at the time of purchase. Further needs to remove or re-install batteries will incur additional fees depending on circumstances.

* Please keep in mind that flat batteries are not faulty batteries, and therefore may require recharge only. This is not covered under manufacturer’s warranty. A minimum fee of $10*** must be paid for recharge and test (subject to battery size and state). A further fee of minimum $10.00*** is payable if staff must remove and re-install battery in the vehicle (subject to battery size and type of vehicle).

* All automotive batteries, if brought to us flat, must be fully charged in order to determine whether they are faulty or not.  Therefore the battery must be left with us for a minimum of 24 hours (depending on type and size) to be charged and tested. A standby battery can be made available for customer convenience, however, if staff is needed to install a standby battery then a minimum fee of $10.00*** is payable for the service.

Delivery and Fitting:

* Automotive batteries are also delivered at the time of purchase for a small fee depending on the distance from premises (no more than 10km’s from the store). However, if staff is required to travel to a customers address at a future date due to the battery being deemed faulty by the customer, then a minimum call-out fee of $25.00*** is payable depending on the distance from our premises (more than 5km’s from the store). A faulty battery will be changed free of charge but the call-out fee is payable. If the battery is flat then we must take it back to our premises for re-charging and testing. In such circumstances, a standby battery will be fitted and the customer will be required to travel to our premises to pick up their battery.

* Even though every effort is made on our behalf during the installation of a battery to test the charging performance of the vehicle (or detect some other possible fault), it is beyond our competence to continuously monitor the cars charging performance (along with other aspects). Our delivery and fitting services are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty unless found to be faulty in some way, and therefore explains the reason why we charge additional fees in all the above points.

Online Store Purchase:

* Those who have bought an automotive battery (Passenger Car, Motorcycle, etc.) from the online store and had it shipped via courier or Australia Post can choose to send it back to the store for testing. If a battery is deemed faulty and is still under warranty it will be replaced and sent back to the customer free of charge. If a battery is not deemed faulty but only needs recharging customers will bear the cost of all shipping expenses.

*Customers who choose to cancel an order may do so at any time. But if an item has already been sent from our store via the postal service or via the courier, then the customer will only be refunded the worth of the item sent. Customers can also choose to send an item back to us within 7 days of purchase. The item will need to be returned in a “satisfactory” condition. Certain items, such as  alternator regulators, cannot be sent back to our store if they have been already fitted. If a battery is returned to our store “fully discharged”, then a $20 fee will be charged to the customer who purchased it. It is important to keep in mind that a handling and administration fee of 3% (of the total amount of the product) will be charged to the customer for any items returned. Customers can expect to be refunded only after the item has been sent back to us and deemed to be in a satisfactory condition.

*Batteries that are not classified as “AGM” or “Non-Spillable” are able to leak or spill acid if they are placed or tipped on their sides. If for some reason a battery has leaked acid when shipped via the courier service, the sender does not take responsibility for this occurrence. Otherwise, the purchaser of the battery, if their location makes it difficult to return to the store for assistance, must ensure to refill the battery with acid (to the amount leaked). Otherwise, a complaint must be lodged to the courier service that delivered the item. Before an item is shipped, all caution is taken to label the packages and to notify the courier service for proper handling of batteries that can potentially leak or spill acid.

Proof of Purchase:

* If a battery is deemed to be faulty by the customer but the receipt of purchase has been lost or misplaced, then the matter will be dealt with at our staff’s discretion. In such a case the batteries warranty may be void, and it is the freedom of our staff and the battery’s manufacturer to comply with any customer requests.


Comet products are warranted against defects in materials/parts and workmanship to the purchaser for the period of the warranty of the product. If your product arrives damaged or defective or is found to be defective within the first 7 days of its arrival, a replacement or refund will be given at the discretion of Comet. Warranty does not cover for: 1, accident; 2, careless handling; 3, neglect; 4, improper installation; 5, as a result of normal wear and tear; 6, abuse; 7, tampering; 8, any major or minor disassembly; 9, rust or oil leak in; 10,submersions; 11, deliberate abuse; 12, broken gears; 13, products used in applications for which they were not intended. All damaged goods due to the above reasons will be invalid for return and exchange. Our responsibility at Comet will be the repair or replacement of defective items caused by reasons other than what is stated above. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the correct item number and application prior to purchasing. All purchase made in error is subject to a 10% handling fee of the price of the item. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping charges.


*** Subject to change without notice